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"Others have praised the HVAC-guy, Greg, of Sunset Mechanical before but here is another story worth telling.

PC Subdivision resident "L.R." had a furnace issue.  Un-named furnace company "X" said "you need a new Inducer Motor" for an estimate of $1,200. "But", they said, "the furnace IS after all 10 years old and for $3,800 we can put in a whole new furnace."

"L.R." wants a second opinion and calls me.  I speak to Greg who said the most expensive Inducer Motor he has ever bought was $350 and the labor is no where near $850. His opinion; "something doesn't sound right."

The next day Greg calls to say the Inducer Motor is fine. He made a few adjustments and charged "L.R." $120.00.

(A savings of $1,080.00).

Greg is technically skilled, honest and reasonably priced.  I have no reservation at all about making Greg the go-to-guy for PC subdivisions HVAC work."

- Bill

"I just wanted to say thank you for the promptness of your husband's service and the responses from you. It is hard these days to find an honest and reliable small business, most people are just out to make a buck and to use and abuse customers. Business ethics and principles are far and few in this world we live in, but your company is definitely different...it's what sets you apart. You have made a customer for life."

- The Hofmann Family, Lindenhurst, IL

"If any one needs an HVAC company call Sunset Mechanical. They are extremely reasonable and reliable."

- R.W., Fox River Grive, IL

"Greg was the person who installed most of the furnace/AC systems here. We have used him exclusively since we have been here (2+ years). In addition to us, two of our neighbors have used Greg in the past and all agree he is terrific and priced right. He provides great service and is extremely personable too."

- P.M., Libertyville, IL

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